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poor things
though i must admit, they look very funky :)


Poor babies.


A strange thing to do. If life is cheap for people in the Philippines, then animals stand no chance of compassion.

dodong flores

Nice photographs, very colorful. But I'm so sad about the plight of these chicks :(

Pavan Kaul

Once again, stunning colors but so very sad! Great work Sydney!!


Superb shots such wonderful clarity


no doubt they do look cute and interesting with the colour coating..
but still sad... thinking of their unfortunate life...

but coming to think about it... at least they are not electrocuted on the first day of their life in this cruel world...
they get to make some children happy... :D


Des couleurs incroyables ! une photo assez surprenante !


your shots make them look so good with their colors,cute chicks


C'est toujours plus confortable comme traitement que la machine à broyer les petits poussins vivants.... n'est-ce pas ?


they don't look very happy with the colors do they.

the bottom two photographs are particularly touching. whether it's holy men or chicks you focus in on the relationships and the emotions.


Du régal pour le photographe et visiteurs, pour les poussins je ne suis pas sur


Oh! the poor little chicks, yes they are superb in color, but I do not think they like the painting! Superb shot. Good day.

yiannis krikis

another complete reportage - excellent work

evelyne dubos

Bien sûr c'est très photogénique.. les couleurs sont extras... sur la dernière ils sont tout mignon... mais bon, la nature ne les a pas fait de cette façon... tous ces colorants, ce n'est sans doute pas très sain... et finalement il est où l'intérêt ??? Et puis il y a les peluches si on veut des objets doux et colorés... :-)
J'ai vu cela aussi au Yémen mais n'avais pas pu savoir les raisons de ces colorations....


absolutely wonderful


I have to admit the colors are deep and beautiful, but I don't like the idea of disposable chicks whose only purpose is the please a youngster for a few moments in a very short life. Strong photography!


poor little babies!!! i used to dye my white poodle pink with food coloring when she was young, but she was hardly disposable, she lived with me for 20 years :)

dong ho

great captures sid! when i was a kid i remember buying one.

luna miranda

these dyed chicks are irresistible...but it's cruel to dye them in the first place.


Poor creatures!
They cannot sell them here anymore. Forbidden.
Animals are not toys.


(just a question, what gear do you use ? I mean, after your fab eye ! ;)


Awful reality - terrific images, those in colors are just stunning !


It looks beautiful but it is very sad. They look like toys.


I agree with Petra, they are pretty colored but it hurts to see them abused. I would prefer them fluffy yellow and healthy.

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